Foam Concrete Industrial Technologies

fc100w2 - Specification

Universal equipment for the manufacture of foam concrete and construction work «PROGRESS» FC100W2


Parameters Measurement Volume
Unloading from the mixer air pressure
Type of operation cycle
Useful volume of the mixer-Pneumatic M3 1.0
Operating pressure atm. 10
Rated power of electric mixer kW 7.5 (11)
Control over the electric mixer By the frequency inverter
Voltage / frequency of the mains Volts / Hertz 380/50
Shaft speed mixing device at a constant torque R / min. 0 - 75
Productivity an air compressor on the discharge side Liter / p. minute 2х1000
Power of electric compressors (simultaneous or separate operation of compressors) kW 2х11
Power of electric water pump mixing kW 2.2
Power electric pump for pre-foaming solution  kW 2.2
Productivity the foam generator Liter / p. minute 2х750
Productivity of the complex, (averaged over the foam concrete D600) m3 / hr up to 20
Foam concrete transferring ranges:    
By horizontal distance m up to 200
By high of the structure m up to 50
The inner diameter of the pipeline (hose) mm 50/65/76
Maximum power consumption kW 37
Overall dimensions Length x Width x Height m 3.7 х 1.5 х 1.9
Gross Weight of the equipment in a dry state, without pipeline ton 3.5
Loading height of dry ingredients (working platform level) m 0.75
Additive liquid components (water and foam) automatic


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