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fc100w2 - Appointment

Universal equipment for the manufacture of foam concrete and construction work "PROGRESS" FC100W2


Manufactured at the construction site and moves through the pipeline to the place of work:
- An effective thermal insulator - super lightweight monolithic foam concrete density of D150-D300.
Ultra-lightweight foam concrete is lightweight and does not create additional loads on building constructions
- Heat - constructional foam concrete can withstand load of building construction and foam concrete can withstand its own weight of D400 - D700. Successfully combines high strength and heat insulating properties.
- Heavy foam concrete with a high density of D800-D1800. Constructional foam concrete with reinforcement can be used in the construction of foundations, intermediate floors in low-rise housing construction.
- A special foam concrete with special additives for use in conditions with increased requirements for insulation and strength.
- Concrete with a filler particle size 16-20
- Any building mortars and plaster mixes.
- Semi-dry mix for floor screed, self-leveling mix, waterproofing solutions and compounds.
- Perform plastering works with nozzle and sprayed concrete.


This equipment allows the construction of social housing economy class with high performance and energy efficiency for all climatic zones.
Integrated low-rise construction. One installation FC100W2 class is able to provide simultaneous construction of up to 4 low-rise homes.
In the monolithic house-building industry, the equipment is capable of performing very large amount of work on heat insulation with high productivity.
Features of equipment
The equipment has a high resistance in service
Universal properties of equipment provide a wide range of applicability.
Rapid return of equipment provided by a high specific output, universal properties and the ability to withstand heavy operating load.
Low cost of operation is ensured by an optimum combination of automated and manual methods of service of construction equipment.
Eliminates the need to use heavy construction equipment.
The equipment has three types of performance: the winter - to operate at low temperatures, tropical - for use in hot and humid climates and normal, which does not involve special conditions.


Equipment delivery to anywhere in the world.
We provide warranty and service, we provide spare parts, components, construction and materials chemistry. We produce training of technical personnel, transfer of technological expertise for the production of foam concrete construction work for various purposes. Possible joint development of construction scope of work.
The equipment is manufactured to order. The customer has the opportunity to formulate their Terms of Reference for the manufacture of equipment for performance, the allocation of priority functions, the degree of automation of technological processes, the volume and composition of the assembly, the choice of design and technological solutions - exclusively for your individual needs and fitness for purpose.
- Completeness of delivery of equipment - 100%.
- The basis of the conditions of delivery - FCA Nikolaev, Ukraine.
- Warranty - 1 year, on component parts - a guarantee of suppliers manufacturers.

- The amount of advance payment - by appointment.
- Method of payment - bank transfer.
- Brokerage and freight forwarding under a separate contract with the company to provide these services.
- The accompanying documents:
1. Certificate of origin
2. Certificate of Compliance (voluntary certification)
3. Passport to the equipment, the passport to the components and mechanisms, operating instructions.
- Term of production equipment - up to 6 months.

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