Foam Concrete Industrial Technologies

About company

We are glad to greet you at the official website of Scientific-Industrial corporation

The company was founded in 1999 in Kiev city. Organizational core is the design-constructional group of mostly young and talented specialists in the field of engineering, control system automation, construction and informational technologies. The main direction of company's activity is the own design and creation of the unique machinery for construction with the special intention - for production of foam concrete at the conditions of the building area, the introduction of energy-saving foam concrete technologies into industrial and housing construction.

The wide range of machinery is represented by the devices of different class, mobile constructional complexes, which alter by function, dimensions, weight, productivity, power requirement, the number of spare parts and technological solutions. The basis of our work is the constant search of the new and developing of the currently used technologies and methods concerned upon the effectiveness improvement of the devices and works to be carried out using our machinery. The key purpose of our company is to create and develop the high-cultured productional infrastructure which would perfectly suit the individual requirements of our clients.

We are very glad to establish the beneficial partnership with investors, dealers, representatives, spare parts and materials suppliers and anyone else who would like to take part in our partnership programs and mutually beneficial projects.